The Most Advanced Vending Breathalyzer Machine On The Market!!!
We provide complete materials to assist you in creating your turn key Boozelator™ 3001 business!  This includes documents and brochures for placing your Boozelator™ 3001 in establishments, selling advertisements, mounting instructions and how to create advertisements.  We also link you with free programs to assist in creating your ads
Free unparalleled customer phone & email support FOR LIFE!
The Boozelator™ 3001f requires less maintenance than comparable models.
We provide a 2 year limited warranty
Customer Service:

Blo Dad & Sons is highly customer service oriented! We offer you the tools and the support to start, grow and maintain your Boozelator™ 3001 business! We have owned and operated our very own successful local vending and advertising route longer than any of our customers, which gives us several advantages. For one, we will share our secrets for success with our customer/partners so they can be just as successful. Second, we understand what it is like in the field and realize that the Boozelator™ 3001 can be constantly made better to attract more customers, increase sales and reduce maintenance time. For this, we are forever upgrading the Boozelator™ 3001 so that it will always be on the cutting edge. Sooner or later someone may try and duplicate the Boozelator™ 3001, but they will always be several steps behind our constantly upgraded machine! Often times upgrades may be added to existing machines.

The Boozelator™ 3001 Product Difference:
Why Blo Dad & Sons' business experience makes us the clear choice to build a lasting partnership with:

Engineering & Product Development: One of our owners has worked with some of the top-rated companies in the world with product development and/or quality control. Since the 1980's, Stephen Jacobs has worked directly with companies such as General Electric, Black & Decker, Velcro, Medsource, Guardian & Rain Bird, just to name a few. Having Stephen on our team ensures that we have the highest quality control, and it keeps us on the cutting edge of new product features and development.

Advertising Experience: Gabriel Jacobs has been in national, regional and local advertising sales since 2004, traveling to nearly all major markets in the continental USA. Media sales is a unique game compared with tangible product sales, and he has mapped out an advertising strategy to assist in your success for contacting and closing advertising sales as soon as you receive your first Boozelator™ 3001.

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