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Start a vending & advertising route with the Boozelator® 5000, or add this machine to your existing vending route or business. It is rare for bars to own their own vending machines, they most often rely on local route operators to place a machine in their establishments for free, as vending machines can provide a better customer experience for their patrons. This is where you come in. With our guidance, find and secure bars, pubs & nightclubs for your Boozelator® 5000 machines; Please call us for guidance on placement, including free training tips prior to contacting any bars, pubs or nightclubs for placement! You want to ensure you are prepped to represent the Boozelator® 5000 properly and are prepped to answer any questions that an establishment may have.  The Boozelator® comes standard with a bill acceptor that accepts $1 & $5 bills, and you set the price you wish to charge per test ($1, $2, $3, $4 or $5/test). Most markets seem to start off at $2-$3/test. The user inserts payment and the SMART LCD advertising monitor walks the user through the breathalyzer test to ensure they take the test properly, and the machine dispenses a clean drinking straw as a mouth piece. This is how you earn money from vending sales.

Sell advertising on the 12 – 19 inch SMART LCD ad monitor for additional revenue. There are unlimited advertising positions on this machine, but all our marketing materials we provide for you break it down into 27 advertising positions. 24 in the regular rotation when nobody is using the machine, then 3 unique and highly targeted advertising positions during the breathalyzer test. You can even trigger certain ads to populate when a user blows a certain result!

We supply you with a Startup Package with your first Boozelator® purchase, and this includes a free placement guide for finding and securing locations for your machines, advertising guide for finding and securing advertisers, including a list of probable advertisers, how to contact them, template sales pitches, marketing material with statistics, suggested pricing for the different advertising positions and a contract for closing the deal. There are ‘mounting made easy’ instructions for hanging your machines and much more included in the Startup Package to help you start, maintain and grow your route.

We are not a franchise, so there are no startup nor royalty fees, nor minimum purchase, you can start with as little as one machine. Vending and advertising are numbers games, the more locations/machines you have placed, the higher traffic your machines will receive and the more advertising screens you have to sell ads on, and therefore the higher your sales potential.