A full color Digital LED Sign is best sign you can possibly get for your retail or advertising business. Our digital LED signs display Text, Pictures, Videos, Flash and more. Easy to use and program from any computer. We customize signs to meet your needs, no matter how small or large you need.

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Digital LED Sign Uses:

  • Retail sign
  • Advertising display: indoor/outdoor
  • Billboards
  • Mobile advertising: outdoor, truck/trailer mounted
  • Stadiums, arenas, concert halls
  • Anywhere you need a display, sign or advertising monitor

Digital LED Signs have several advantages:

  • FULL color
  • LED signs up to 7,500 lumens (up to 5x as bright as an LED TV)
  • The flashing message board will garner much more attention than conventional signs
  • Program as many ads/messages/signs as you wish
  • One LED sign can be as effective as 10+ regular signs, since it regularly rotates, and you can change the display whenever you like
  • Easy to use free software allows you to update your LED sign in just seconds
  • Load JPG’s, Text, Videos, GIF, Flash and more
  • High resolution
  • 100,000 hour rating will last several years – rated at 12+ years, over 20 if you use the timer to automatically shutoff after hours
  • LED’s are easily replaceable in just minutes if they burn out
  • LED signs draw little electricity, so you will save money on your electric bill versus standard back-lit signs
  • LED signs can be resold if you ever go out of business or upgrade to a new sign. This is a huge advantage over custom retail signs that have no resale value.
  • Outdoor LED signs / message boards are waterproof and weatherproof
  • Virtually any size available
  • Add a WiFi adapter to remotely change your messages!
  • Change your sign displays remotely from ANY location with internet! Home office, vacationing in HI, etc.

: Weatherproof & Brighter

8mm: <20 yards
10mm: 9-22 yards
12mm: 11-25 yards
16mm: 15-30 yards
20mm: 18-40 yards
25mm: 24-60 yards

INDOOR (optimal viewing distance):

3mm: 2+yards
4mm: 3+ yards
5mm: 4+ yards
6mm: 5+ yards
7.62mm: 7+ yards
10mm: 9-20 yards

Warranty: 2 Years, extendable to 5 years
Expected Life: 100,000 hours: ~12-20 years!

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