Do you have an idea or the need for a specialty vending machine? We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom product vending machines, as well as other unique vending machines.


  • Add a Smart LCD Advertising Monitor to your machines so you can sell advertising on your vending machines, promote your product/service and even to use as a kiosk to give instructions on how to use/setup your product/service that you are vending.
  • Add WiFi controls for inventory & sales tracking from any remote computer.
  • Timed vending machines, such as car vacuums, hair styling irons and more.
  • Product vending – custom to your product size/weight.
  • Development time +/-90 days. Production time +/-30 days
  • No Development Fee! With the right size order. Typically this entails a minimum quantity of 30-50 machines to qualify for a waived development fee.
  • No minimum order quantity, with a development fee. Fee to be determined by project.
  • Can accept ANY currency from any country.

Call or email for a custom quote:  800-604-0226  |