The Boozelator® 5001 Smart Breathalyzer Vending machine is a state of the art BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) vending machine that allows bar goers the ability to test their BrAC level for a fee. The new 5001 model was released in June, 2015, replacing the 5000 and 3001 models which have been dominating the world breathalyzer vending machine market since 2010. The Boozelator® was the first of it’s kind to employ a platinum fuel cell alcohol sensor (the worldwide standard in law enforcement), and the only one of it’s kind to employ several other unique advanced features and upgrades.

It’s physical design has been copied (poorly), but never duplicated, and our advanced features make the Boozelator® 5001 the most advanced breathalyzer vending kiosk worldwide! The on-board SMART LCD advertising monitor comes standard on all machines, which walks the user through the BAC testing process to ensure they use it properly, and is also used for selling advertisements for additional revenue. The front of the Boozelator® is protected with a bulletproof polycarbonate front plate to ensure ultimate protection for the electronics and SMART LCD ad monitor. We use only the highest quality electronics, and any part in the machine can be easily replaced in 5 minutes or less using only a screwdriver or small wrench, making the Boozelator® 5001 built to last a lifetime! Purchase & Pricing Here!

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