Boozelator® Interview

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Boozelator Franchise

Gabriel Jacobs is President of Sales & Marketing for Blo Dad & Sons, the Boozelator Breathalyzer Vending and Advertising Machine company. Headquartered in Cape Coral, Fla., the company is determined to make a difference in the world by reducing the amount of drunk drivers on the road, one bar at a time. Drunk driving is a real and present danger that claims the lives of nearly 10,000 Americans every year, more than one life every hour.

In our Q&A with Jacobs, we learn the idea behind the franchise, what he would’ve done differently and where he sees the company in five years.

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Boozelator® hits Ireland

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By @SimonCocking, we’re getting more and more requests to be featured in the Thursday Business Showcase. So we decided, rather than wait until June to read about some of the great new businesses, we will run some on a Wednesday too. Keep sending them in, and we will try to feature as many as possible. Here is a great piece on another exciting new Irish company, Breathalyzer.


We caught up with John Crean @blowmeireland, founder of an interesting new Irish company, New Age Vending 

Describe the company, the elevator pitch

While in America travelling a few years ago, I noticed breathalyser machines in bars. I used them for a bit of fun with the guys I was with and found them really interesting. So I said I would have a look into them when I get home and why Ireland of all places, has never heard of them. And so New Age Vending began.

Ireland has a strong drinking culture, yet does every person know their own body’s capabilities on how they handle alcohol? Everybody s different, from a 6.6ft tall rugby player to an average skinny person, how would they differ with a pint of beer? Or Glass of wine? Now people would be able to educate themselves without having to blow into a Garda roadside breathalyser.

New Age Vending is a new vending machine company that only deals with and sources the most unique vending machines for the bar and nightclub markets.

Our current product is a  wall mounted Boozelator® breathalyser machine that a customer can insert €2, a disposable straw becomes available and they insert it into the hole, instructions pop up on the 10’ Lcd screen and after they blow, results show up on screen, in different warnings, applicable to the Blood Alcohol Level %. A warning comes on screen informing the user that they should never drink and drive, and to order a taxi home.

We remain the owners of the machines and we share a margin of profit with the bar owner. We prefer to remain the owners of the machines rather than sell them, due to the sensitive nature of the product. The machines need to be regularly calibrated with special equipment (every 600 blows) and if one bar owner never calibrated the machine and gave wrong results, it would damage the reputation of every other machine. We pride ourselves in keeping every machine fine tuned and as accurate as any garda roadside testers. Our machines are accurate to 0.0005% result due to its Platinum Fuel Cell sensor, the same technology used by the police and other law enforcements.

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Introducing… MyBFF™ Hair Spa – The latest in vending technology!

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Introductory Sale: $1,999 Only $1,499 Each!

The latest in vending technology!

MyBFF™ Hair Spa is the latest in vending technology, designed by Blo Dad & Sons, LLC, and assembled in the USA. The MyBFF™ Hair Spa uses one of the highest quality grade hot hair irons in the industry, the GHD Gold Series Professional 1″ Flat Iron, to ensure that the women using the machine will not damage their hair if used properly. Cheap hair irons can damage hair and therefore be a turn-off for many women, that is why we use only the best!
The MyBFF™ Hair Spa comes equipped with a liability disclaimer and the user must electronically sign the waiver to this disclaimer (relieving you and the establishment owner from liability) before they can even insert payment. If they do not click “I Agree,” then the bill and credit card acceptor will not accept payment for their vend. Once they click “I Agree” they have 90 seconds to insert payment, otherwise they must re-agree. By electronically signing, they assume full responsibility to anything that may happen during their use.

How It Works:

  • User presses  the “I Agree” button to assume 100% liability for their time using the iron. This allows them to insert payment.
  • Inserts payment. Each vend price gets you 90 seconds.
  • The iron heats up to 400° and is ready for use within 15 seconds
  • Choose your payment options: bill acceptor, credit card reader or both

Sell ads on the SMART advertising monitor for a suggested $30-$59/month per ad per machine.


  • Comes standard with a bill acceptor included
  • Remove bill acceptor and add a credit card acceptor: $229 (+$30 activation – see other credit card fees below)
  • Add a credit card acceptor in addition to your bill acceptor: $399(+$30 activation – see other credit card fees below)
  • Upgrade to WiFi (send ads to your machine from your home/office computer, monitor usage): $199

MyBFF™ Hair Spa comes complete with:

  • Commercial-grade GHD high quality 1” hot hair (straightening, waiving & curling) iron
  • Bill acceptor for USA customers, coin acceptors available for international customers
  • Start up & advertising package (for selling ads, placing your machines & more!)
  • Mounting hardware & guide; plugs into a standard outlet (no special wiring required)
  • 12” Smart LCD Advertising & Instructional Screen w/WiFi (optional upgrade)
  • Disclaimer Waiver
  • Free lifetime customer & technical support

WiFi Gateway Fees: WiFi machines must be loaded to a cloud-based server. You can use your own server for free, or you can rent space on ours (most economical) for only $99/year (flat rate) for every 25 machines.

Credit Card Fees: All fees are processed by the credit card manufacturer, not Blo Dad & Sons, llc. Fees are $9.99/month (per machine) + standard merchant account fees of $0.10/transaction + 2.5% of the sale. Often times with low transaction amounts, the machine owner may add a small service charge of $0.25-$0.50/sale.

Please read our Return Policy prior to your purchase.

The Boozelator. One example of a bar-based breathalyzer.

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The Boozelator. One example of a bar-based breathalyzer.

(Credit: Bio Dad Sons/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)


“It makes good sense.”

Normally these words, when spoken by a politician, deserve to be treated with asbestos ears.

However, a proposal by Utah Republican Rep. Greg Hughes might make more than one person consider its merit. Especially those who like a drink and those who own bars.

As the Associated Press reports, Hughes believes that bars should help customers who want to drive home by installing breathalyzer machines.

Bars across America have been experimenting with various devices. For example, as ABC News reported, in Toledo OH, some have installed a machine charmingly called the Boozelator. You insert $1, you take a straw and breathe through it into the machine.

Lance Heffner, president of the company behind the Boozelator, told ABC News that his company had tested it against police breathalyzers and found it to either give the exact same readings or be within .02 percent of the police results.

Just as with your fancy wristband that tells you how well you’ve slept or how far you’ve run, the biggest problem is accuracy.

The results of machines like the Boozelator aren’t admissible in court. Moreover, if you use the machine, decide you’re safe to drive, then get stopped by police and told you’re over the limit, you can’t sue the bar.

On the Boozelator, there are large letters that read: “This machine is for entertainment purposes only.”

Many people drink for entertainment too. So Hughes believes it’s better for them to entertain themselves with at least a hope of responsibility.

He told the AP: “It’s not illegal to drink in the state of Utah. It’s not illegal to drink and operate a vehicle (with an alcohol level below the legal limit). How does a consumer know where they’re at, exactly? I think it makes sense.”

He believes it would especially help younger drinkers, who often have little clue of their limits (in anything).

Hughes’ proposal can’t force bars to install the machines. However, he hopes to at least ensure that bars aren’t held responsible for customers who fail the machine’s test, but decide to drive anyway.

In the end, the responsibility is always your own. If the machine tells you you’re safe, but you tell yourself you might not be, it’s best not to drive.

The reverse, though, might be helpful. If you feel “fine,” but the machine tells you that you’re not, the machine might just be the nagging, sober friend you need.

In that case, a pause for thought might save your life, as well as someone else’s.

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Boozelator® 3001 BAC Vending Machine Hits Columbus, GA – News Story

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A new device is placed in bars around Columbus that is designed to help partygoers test their blood alcohol level. News Leader 9’s Sara Lim visited the Bootleggers Bar in downtown Columbus to see how well the bar breathalyzer works.

It’s in seven different countries and many states in the United States might have similar item to this new breathalyzer that is taking over bars and restaurants in Columbus and its surrounding areas. However, this specific model is only available in Columbus through the state of Georgia.

“This gives people a chance to check their blood alcohol content before they leave the bar. Some may use it for entertainment, but others want to know whether or not they should drive or find other ways to go home,” Ben Kiger, the owner of breathalyzer said.

The breathalyzer started a few years ago, but was not used by many until this year. According to the Georgia Highway Safety report, the number of D.U.I accidents continues to drop each year. In addition, this machine may be another effort to help prevent D.U.I related accidents as well.

“These machines are actually law enforcement grade,” Kiger explained. “I’m hoping that it helps cut down the drunken driving accidents. It seems to happen so often nowadays.”

It only cost one dollar. Megan Evans, a bartender at Bootleggers Bar said she has been seeing numerous number of customers asking about the breathalyzers.

“I think these breathalyzers will help increase our sales and bring more people in,” Evans said. “They can blow into the machine to check their blood alcohol content before they leave. People think it is funny. They love trying it out.”

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Kerns: Can Melton’s ‘Boozelator®’ stop tragedy from happening?

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When Dave Melton mentioned the Boozelator 3001 breathalyzer vending machine he is making available to drinking establishments, my first thought was to pass the story to a news editor.

(OK, to be honest, my very first impression actually was that the name “Boozelator 3001” sounds like something out of “Back to the Future.”)

In any case, I tend to write more about musicians working at nightclubs, and less their fans buying drinks.

Plus, Melton, a part owner at Beef O’Brady’s, is creating his own secondary business. There already are plenty of details at

But his story nagged at me, and no, I’ve never met Melton.

True, he wants help letting venues know about breathalyzers he can provide. I asked him if he had worked to push his own product, made his own cold calls, knocked on a few dozen doors. It turns out he’s been aggressive, sending almost 200 letters to venues between Amarillo and Austin, and in Lubbock.

Melton said he asked a Realtor why a bar had become available in a prime area, where students had gathered to drink and listen to favorite bands.

The answer involved a customer driving drunk, an accident and a fatality.

Melton said, “This prompted me to determine what, if anything, I could do to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again. I researched breathalyzer machines and purchased several of the best on the market.

“I created a small business. … I realize drinking and driving will never be completely eliminated. But if my machines can raise awareness and prevent even one intoxicated person from driving, then the investment is worthwhile.”

In another discussion, Melton said he ordered 50 machines. These are not inexpensive. Obviously, he needs to get some placed.

Business owners working with Melton will “not be asked to pay a cent for setup or repairs.”

Breathalyzers are voluntary, he said — no one can be forced to use one — and are programmed to cost between $1 to $5 each time one is used.

Melton wants to charge $2 for each voluntary use of a breathalyzer.

I asked a friend for his thoughts.

Larry Simmons worked in the bar industry in the past, and presently co-owns the Tornado Gallery, 1822 Buddy Holly Ave. His is a small gallery and, of late, he focuses equal or more energy on his Depot Art, Farm and Produce Market that attracts increasing numbers on each month’s second and fourth Saturdays.

Simmons still books bands, but operates no bar. He advertises a BYOB policy.

“I had these (breathalyzer) machines in a couple of my places back in the day,” said Simmons. For me, they spelled Disaster with a capital D.”

He said, “They put them in, just like the guy (Melton) tells you — as an effort to control overconsumption. Unfortunately, some drinkers begin competing, using the breathalyzer. It became a game of ‘who can blow the highest?’

“Stupid? Yes.

“True? Yes..

“Plus, don’t lose sight that they also are a money-maker.”

I quoted Simmons to Melton.

He was not surprised.

The “who can blow the highest” game came as no surprise.

That is why he charges $2.

He does not want drinkers to feel it costs too much to use a breathalyzer.

“On the other hand,” said Melton, “if we charge more than $1, I feel this drastically lowers the numbers treating it like a game.”

Melton spoke with police officers and TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) officials.

“They favor these machines,” said Melton. “They said it gives people a chance to test themselves before getting behind the wheel of a car. Maybe someone who only thinks he has a slight buzz will check, and then call a cab instead.”

I see interesting aspects.

His Boozelator has an LCD screen for advertising — Melton is adding WiFi — and any venue using a device can draw up its own advertising.

I Googled the Boozelator, and most times I saw pages on its LCD screen listing names and numbers for cab companies and DUI lawyers.

Another positive: Melton invested in an updated, modern model reported to be an improvement over past, undependable breathalyzers.

That said, maybe someone needs to be somewhere else. He feels a buzz, decides to pay $2 to blow into a straw in private. Now he has to make a decision.

That’s all Melton wanted.

As he stated earlier, “If my machines can raise awareness and prevent even one intoxicated person from driving, the investment is worthwhile.”

The down side is difficult to see.

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