Ad_monitorAre you looking to advertise your business on LCD Advertising Monitors in restaurants and bars in your city, county and/or state?  Our machines have a 12-15 inch high definition LCD advertising monitors large enough to view from 50’-75’ away – reaching nearly the whole population of the bar.   Additionally, our machines allow for both still image and video-based advertisements as well as offer audio component capabilities. This allows you to build vibrant, media-rich messages directed to the right audience – bar patrons!

Displaying eye-catching advertisements on the Boozelator® Breathalyzer Machine is a great way to attract customers to the machine and equate to a higher percentage of user engagement. Most bar patrons say that indoor advertising catches their eye and consider it a good way to learn about new places and/or products. Additionally, advertising on our machines allows you to target the right demographics for your advertisement, such as: location, type of facility, general age range, etc.


The Benefits of Advertising on the Boozelator®

The world of advertising has changed.  The Boozelator®’s vast reach can allow advertisers to reach significantly more people than traditional advertising media at a fraction of the cost.  Additionally, by advertising on our LCD monitors, you can reach out to new potential customers who may have never set foot into your store/ business.  The objective of your ad remains the same: branding and/or direct selling, but the difference is that with advertising on the Boozelator®, you can now target demographics for your ads, ultimately making your advertisement more affective.

We offer a variety of advertising options at different price-points to fit your advertising needs, including still image and video-based advertisements as well as offer audio component capabilities.  Give it a try today!

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