about_usBD & Sons, LLC is a world-renowned manufacturer of breathalyzer vending machines, known for revolutionizing the breathalyzer vending industry with the Boozelator® 3001f (Platinum Fuel Cell) breathalyzer vending machine.

Our Mission

about_us_2Our mission in creating the Boozelator® 3001 breathalyzer vending machine was to help make the world a safer place, one city and one bar at a time. By placing the Boozelator® 3001 in bars in your area, anyone can join our mission. Not only do we provide the most advanced product on the market, we will also provide you with the most advanced customer support in the vending industry, with Free Live Lifetime Support, just for being our customer!

Our lead engineers have been in product development for over 2 decades, working with world renowned companies such as General Electric, General Motors, Velcro, Black & Decker, Norelco, Rainbird, Medsource, and more! With our product research and development tools, we are determined to lead the breathalyzer vending industry for years to come.

We are now venturing into the field of other bar and unique vending machines, so be sure to check back with us frequently to see what new products we may come up with that may compliment your vending route.

Call or email for more information: 800-604-0226  |  sales@blobrothers.com