2014 April

Introducing… MyBFF™ Hair Spa – The latest in vending technology!

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Introductory Sale: $1,999 Only $1,499 Each!

The latest in vending technology!

MyBFF™ Hair Spa is the latest in vending technology, designed by Blo Dad & Sons, LLC, and assembled in the USA. The MyBFF™ Hair Spa uses one of the highest quality grade hot hair irons in the industry, the GHD Gold Series Professional 1″ Flat Iron, to ensure that the women using the machine will not damage their hair if used properly. Cheap hair irons can damage hair and therefore be a turn-off for many women, that is why we use only the best!
The MyBFF™ Hair Spa comes equipped with a liability disclaimer and the user must electronically sign the waiver to this disclaimer (relieving you and the establishment owner from liability) before they can even insert payment. If they do not click “I Agree,” then the bill and credit card acceptor will not accept payment for their vend. Once they click “I Agree” they have 90 seconds to insert payment, otherwise they must re-agree. By electronically signing, they assume full responsibility to anything that may happen during their use.

How It Works:

  • User presses  the “I Agree” button to assume 100% liability for their time using the iron. This allows them to insert payment.
  • Inserts payment. Each vend price gets you 90 seconds.
  • The iron heats up to 400° and is ready for use within 15 seconds
  • Choose your payment options: bill acceptor, credit card reader or both

Sell ads on the SMART advertising monitor for a suggested $30-$59/month per ad per machine.


  • Comes standard with a bill acceptor included
  • Remove bill acceptor and add a credit card acceptor: $229 (+$30 activation – see other credit card fees below)
  • Add a credit card acceptor in addition to your bill acceptor: $399(+$30 activation – see other credit card fees below)
  • Upgrade to WiFi (send ads to your machine from your home/office computer, monitor usage): $199

MyBFF™ Hair Spa comes complete with:

  • Commercial-grade GHD high quality 1” hot hair (straightening, waiving & curling) iron
  • Bill acceptor for USA customers, coin acceptors available for international customers
  • Start up & advertising package (for selling ads, placing your machines & more!)
  • Mounting hardware & guide; plugs into a standard outlet (no special wiring required)
  • 12” Smart LCD Advertising & Instructional Screen w/WiFi (optional upgrade)
  • Disclaimer Waiver
  • Free lifetime customer & technical support

WiFi Gateway Fees: WiFi machines must be loaded to a cloud-based server. You can use your own server for free, or you can rent space on ours (most economical) for only $99/year (flat rate) for every 25 machines.

Credit Card Fees: All fees are processed by the credit card manufacturer, not Blo Dad & Sons, llc. Fees are $9.99/month (per machine) + standard merchant account fees of $0.10/transaction + 2.5% of the sale. Often times with low transaction amounts, the machine owner may add a small service charge of $0.25-$0.50/sale.

Please read our Return Policy prior to your purchase.